Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lazy Saturday

As a child, I remember really loving Saturday mornings. You would get to sleep in and once everyone was up, dad would fix breakfast. Man-O-Man... my dad could cook breakfast. It's where I got my mad breakfast skillz. LOL. He would make pancakes from scratch or would make us hot chocolate. I know what you're asking... What the heck is hot chocolate??

It's a breakfast (or any other meal for that matter) dish that was passed on from my grandfather Fred Jake to my dad Tom Jake to me and hopefully passed on to my children and grandchildren. It's VERY simple.

Here is what you'll need -

Hot chocolate ( I prefer it made with milk )

Peanut butter
Butter - optional
Honey - optional
Marshmallows (this is a MUST)

Okay.. get your hot chocolate going. Then toast your bread. Once the bread is toasted, spread a healthy portion of peanut butter on the toast. You can also add butter (makes it taste richer), or honey. Once you've topped your toast take the other slice and make a sandwich. Cut the sandwich down the middle. Your hot chocolate should be done. Pour it into a coffee mug, add the small marshmallows and your ready to go. Now take your toasted peanut butter sandwich and dip it in the hot chocolate.

There you have it... an inexpensive and filling breakfast.

I love lazy Saturdays!


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