Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Every Day I'm Shocked A Bit More

I read an article today about an 82 year old man in Connecticut, who for the last 25 years has been helping the homeless. Anthony "Joe the Barber" Cymerys sets up every Wednesday at Bushnell Park to give haircuts to the homeless. Along with Anthony, others also hand out food to the needy.

However, last week when he set up, health officials and police confronted him and his friends, telling them they had to leave because they didn't have any permits. Any permits! Are you freaking kidding me? HE'S NOT CHARGING THEM ANYTHING!!!!! I find this kind of thing asinine! Fortunatly the  mayor stepped in and told the out of control buffoons to back off.

I pray that government officials like this get a hold of themselves. Of course a boss of mine used to be fond of saying. "You can't fix stupid."


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