Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Creepy TV

Have you noticed the proliferation of new TV shows that are REALLY creepy? Cult, The Following, Hannibal...   Just to name a few. I've caught an episode or two of The Following and I must admit I'm currently quite addicted to Hannibal. To say these shows don't pull any punches would be an epic understatement.

My wife and I were watching the latest episode of Hannibal tonight (via HuluPlus) and at one point we both shuddered at the brutality in a scene. It's the kind of shocking that you would expect from a movie, not a TV series. When you go to a movie, you expect jaw dropping, white knuckle scenes. While TV shows have always had there moments, it was most often reserved for a season finally or cliffhanger. These guys are doing it every week. I watch and think to myself, how are they going to top that! And then they do!

I have to say the quality of most TV programing is really approaching the level of movies. I recently saw a behind the scenes look at a new series and one of the people interviewed made the comment, "We make a movie every seven days." I believe it! The production quality is getting better every year.

Anyway, if you want to get your creep on, check out Hannibal. The actor playing Hannibal is fantastic!


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