Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lickety Split This Is It! Breakfast is Served

I don't know about you, but in the morning it is sooooooo hard to get out of the warm bed sometimes. Especially in the winter, when you know that the hard wood floors are going to be FREEZING! If you're like me, you probably abuse your snooze button. (I do A LOT)

Unfortunately, when you hit that sweet little button to many times, you find yourself running late. At times, REALLY late. Now you've missed breakfast. So you head to the McDonald's drive through to get something fast to eat. Oh and it's loaded with all the good stuff a growing boy needs. (That's sarcasm if you missed it.)

The other side effect of too many McDonald's stops... pants that don't fit. 

But how do we make a health breakfast when we don't have time you ask? Well check this out:

How cool is that! Quick - Easy - and a whole lot healthier than that nasty McDonald's.

Here is a link to this recipe and more. Quick Food

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