Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown!!! Well Maybe Not Blown... But this is some cool stuff...

One of my many interest is WWII history. I come by it honest from my dad. I would hang out for hours with him and his friends while they played various 'war games'. It didn't matter what genre either. Civil War, WWII, WWI, Ancients, Sci-fi, they played it all. So of course, I found my way into the crowd of gamers. Here is a picture of a table top game my dad and I used to play. 

These two guys taught me a lot of history (and other things too... sinister grin).
Dave (leaning over) and Ken - Two great guys that I'm glad to know.
Ken recently passed away and will be missed deeply by friends and family.

But I digress.... What I wanted to tell you about tonight involves 6 mind blowing things recently discovered about WWII. This is a post from another gamer from back in the day. (It's what got me reminiscing.)

Okay... Here we go!


#6  Bunkers 
A bunker for Goebbels and Hitler's bodyguards was discovered in the 90's
While trying to build a Holocaust memorial in 1998, the construction crew found the bunker. This is the man who was one of the strongest advocates of Jewish genocide. So as the article put it, finding his bunker in the exact spot dedicated to the holocaust memorial was, well, a bit awkward.

While planning a concert with Pink Floyd to celebrate the removing of the Berlin Wall, a secret bunker belonging to "SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler" was found. This was Hitler's personal Bodyguard Division. It was promptly resealed and is simply marked by a sign.

#5 Weather Station
Did you know that the Germans lead a fully armed expedition into Canada? In 1981, a Nazi surveillance post was discovered. In 1943, the Germans wanted to get a heads up on the weather. Weather conditions could make or break battles. To keep their post safe in enemy territory, they marked the equipment "Canadian Weather Service". It worked for almost 40 years.

#4 Tree Swastika
This one was discovered in 1992.... I just have to show you to believe it....

#3 Untouched Battlefield Discovered in 2010
Brian Freeman, a former Australian Army Captain and trekker came across an untouched battlefield in an area around Papa New Guinea. It was the site of a large scale battle between the Australian and Japanese soldiers. Spent ammunition casings, canteens, helmets, an remains of bodies littered the jungle.

#2 Say Cheese!
In 2009 a color photo, the only one in existence surfaced of what is believed to be one of the most significant surrenders of the German army in WWII. The German command is surrendering Northwest Germany, The Netherlands and Denmark to the allies.

#1 Top Secret Carrier Pigeon Message Discovered in 2012
In November 2012, Englishman David Martin discovered the skeleton of a pigeon in his chimney. That is normal.... What isn't normal is the red capsule attached to it's leg. Inside was a coded WWII era message. 

Ain't history cool!


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