Monday, March 18, 2013


I like popcorn... No scratch that... I LOVE popcorn. When I was a kid, mom had a cool popper that you would add the oil and kernels, then watch it pop through the yellow dome. When it was done popping you would flip it and the dome was your bowl. Remember those poppers.

Now its all microwave. And that's okay... but sometimes I miss the oil covered goodness my mom used to make us. Salt won't stick to the stuff that comes out of the microwave. But with that oil popped... Oh yeah baby you could salt that stuff up gooood! I think air popped is the worst. NOTHING sticks to that stuff... And it's like eating cotton balls... ZERO flavor. 

When I was a kid, I always wanted to try the pans that you would put on the stove and the aluminum would expand into a dome as it popped. Remember those?
Mom never let me get one. : (

While popcorn at home is really good.... You can't beat popcorn from the movie theater. I swear they have some kind of addictive substance they put on that stuff. I cannot go to a movie and not get a popcorn. When I try to walk by the counter without getting any, I go into some kind of popcorn melt down. Once I made it all the way into the theater... sat down... and two minutes later I was standing at the counter getting popcorn. Does anyone else have this problem? Please... let me know if I'm not alone.

Pop it up!

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