Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Countdown Begins

By now if you have read any of my blogs you'll know a couple of things about me. One, I like history. Two, I like weird stuff. And three, I'm a nerd. So It should be now surprise to you that I've started my countdown to Star Trek Into Darkness. Of ALL the movies that are coming out this summer, I've anticipated this one the most!

I've been a Trek fan since I was a little kid. I've watched every episode of every Star Trek TV series and I've watched every movie. I've even been to a few Star Trek conventions. (No I didn't dress up.) I know some people really didn't like the way J.J. Abrams messed with the Trek mojo in his first movie. I admit, at first I was stunned to say the least. It's not often you see a movie that wipes 40 years of TV and movie cannon in two hours. So yeah, I was a bit shocked at first. But, after getting over my initial shock, I saw the possibilities.... And I liked what I saw. Now in just a few days, we get to see where the rabbit hole leads this time. I'm ready, how about you?

Are you going to see the next Trek? Tell us about it, leave a comment below.


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