Monday, February 18, 2013

Being Sick and The Bling Ring

Oh my goodness... the last seven days have been a ride. First I get some kind of killer virus that decides to liquefy my gut for two days straight. Then my wife comes down with some kind of whooping cough that just won't go away (which I then seem to also catch). THEN, my little buddy, Daishi (Our miniature Dachshund), gets sick enough he ends up overnight at the vet. WOW... I'm ready to get things back to normal around here.

Well in my quarantined state this week, I was able to watch a lot of TV (It's the only thing I could do). I caught up on The Big Bang Theory and Ridiculousness. On one episode of Ridiculousness, they had the legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather and his fiancé as guest "host" (I guess that's what you call them). At one point in the show, they start talking about the ring that Mayweather bought his fiancé. Oh and she had it on... It's the biggest diamond I've ever seen on a finger. WOW!! Here is a picture of that bad boy.

The main stone is an 18 carat diamond. The band is dotted with 10 - 1 carat diamonds
I've seen various cost listed, but the average is around 2.5  million dollars

While the ring is certainly IMPRESSIVE! I have to say, I don't really think it's that "pretty". Can you image how bad that thing would snag on stuff. It would be my luck that my fiancé would snag it getting in the car, the diamond would pop out and go down a gutter. I'm sorry, I think I could think of something better to buy with that kind of money. I mean there are some nice houses you can get for $2.5 mil.

What was even crazier about this guy is that he has a duffel bag with him at all times. What's in it you ask? A million dollars cash. Yep... $1,000,000.00 bucks CASH!  

Evidently... I'm in the wrong business. 

So... I have to know... What do you think? Is it too much? 

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